Acura Care Enhancements


Family Plan and Extended Towing

Acura Financial Services (AFS) announces two new enhancements to Acura Care Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) plans: Family Plan and Extended Towing.

Effective October 1, 2014, customers who purchase or who have purchased Acura Care on 2015 or newer Acura vehicles will be entitled to two new benefits at no additional cost. These benefits are available to you as soon as your Acura Care application has been processed.


Family Plan

In addition to the covered vehicle, all roadside assistance benefits will cover up to five (5) Acura or Honda passenger vehicles or Honda motorcycles registered to same household address.

Extended Towing

We´ve waived the $100 towing limit. We´ll provide towing to the closest Acura or Acura dealer regardless of miles. We´ll also extend coverage an additional 25 miles if a customer wants to be towed to a specific dealer.